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Breast Augmentation: Is Bigger Really Better?


So, you’re thinking about breast augmentation?  There are certainly a lot of things to consider before you take the plunge.  Ultimately, your final breast size will be determined by the limitations of your body, but you will want to do some research into what makes you comfortable. 

Some women long for large, over the top, breasts.  Others could care less what their breast size is.  Most women fall somewhere in the middle.  If you’re on the smaller size and are thinking about going up a cup size or two, you’re not alone.  Studies show that millions of American women wish they were just a little bit larger in the chest. 

Before you commit to an implant size, try some larger breasts on for size.  By this, we mean purchase a couple of bras with cup sizes a size or two larger and stuff them.  Wear each one for a few days so that you can get a feel for what your new breasts will look like.  This is an important step in determining how large you should go.  For most women, going up just one cup size does the trick.  For others, they really like the idea of those double-D’s.  

A board certified plastic surgeon is a great resource for helping you select the best implant size for you.  Your plastic surgeon is most concerned with making you happy while making sure that your chosen implants are the most proportionate for your body size.  Bring those bras that you bought for your research along with you to your visit with your plastic surgeon and you’ll be able to place an actual implant into the bra to give you a pretty realistic idea of how your new breasts will look and feel. 

Your plastic surgeon will help you determine the size that is best for you based on your body size, the placement of your natural breasts, the thickness of the skin on your chest, and the fat content of your upper body.  He or she is also the best resource for information on whether saline or silicone implants best suit your needs and lifestyle.


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