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It’s Easy Being Green
















We don’t inherit the Earth from our parents.

We borrow it from our children.



Going green means so much more than recycling although that’s a great place to start. Envision a world where there are no more plastic bottles and coffee cups littering the streets as well as clear skies and clean water. Think of the benefits of heating and cooling your home via geothermal methods. And, imagine your great grandchildren romping in the same green spaces that you did when you were a child.


Ok, so start with recycling. It’s a great way to work into the habit of green living. Then try a little bicycling or carpooling to avoid pumping noxious automobile gasses into the atmosphere and to conserve what little fossil fuels we have left.


Practice what you preach. How many times have you seen someone who religiously prepares their recyclables for pickup each week, then will toss a cigarette butt or a coffee cup out the car window while driving? They’ve certainly got a clean car, but they’ve managed to muck up the earth for the rest of us. If everyone picked up one stray piece of litter, it would make a big difference. Try spending a day with your children or church group picking up litter and putting all of the soda cans into one bag. Then take the cans to a local fire station which often collect them to help children burned in fires. Donation and recycling – the best of both worlds.


Donate all of your unused items to keep waste to a minimum. Every city has a used clothing center, charitable donation point, or church group which will take all of your used clothing and household items. If you have an item that you don’t think will you can donate, try, a Yahoo group where you can give away all of your unwanted stuff. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


Try gardening! Creating a garden on your own little postage stamp of earth actually helps in a number of ways. Not only are you growing your own, environmentally friendly, pesticide free, food, but you can make your own fertilizer by dumping your household food and yard waste into a compost bin. This can actually reduce the amount of household garbage that you send on to the local dump by almost half!


Finally, don’t forget to reuse those plastic and paper bags that you get from the grocery store. There’s no need to buy small trash container bags when you probably have a whole stock of plastic grocery bags that will easily fit the bill. Making those bags do double duty means that you recycle the bags and save money at the same time. Instead of paper bags, keep a canvas bag in your car for those quick trips to the store. You can only use so many little plastic bags so why not let the store keep them. Many schools also have paper drives where you can take your paper bags and newspapers. You help the school and the environment.


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