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Saving on a Budget

There are many people who insist that they just don’t earn enough money to manage to save any. Although this is sometimes terribly true, the reality is that most of us are spending our savings on such items as fast food, movie theaters, and other non-necessary items. This is not to say that the wise money manager never enjoys any of these things. It just means that you can continue to do so while finding even a few pennies in the budget for saving and investing.


Look at it this way. If you save just one dollar a day for ten years, you’ll have $3,650.00. That’s a nice chunk of change. But if you save the same one dollar a day for ten years, and put that money into a savings account earning a minimum of 2.2% interest over the course of the ten years, you’ll have at least $4,083.00. Since most people spend at least one dollar a day on stuff they really don’t need, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t all have over four grand in the bank in ten years without even really trying. If saving that amount of money is so easy, imagine what you can do by saving two dollars every day! Five? Ten?


Ok, so considering we’re a society of spendthrifts, were exactly are you supposed to find all that money to save? Can’t part with that morning latte? Make it at home and save. Gotta have a Coke with your lunch? Bring one from home instead of buying one from a machine. Addicted to lunch at Taco Bell? Pack your own lunch tortilla-wrapped treat and save money and calories! Still not convinced? Try these options too. Take the bus instead of driving; wash your own car instead of going to a car wash; use store sales as a chance to stock up on items you use every day; turn down the thermostat when you leave the house; and the list goes on. Even the tightest budgets usually have enough wiggle room for a small savings opportunity.



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