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Having spent several years in the human resources department of a local urban school district, as well as having three school-age children, I’ve witnessed way more than anyone should have to about the functioning of our nation’s educational system. 

Honestly, even solutions such as the No Child Left Behind Act are mere band aids on a bullet wound.



I don’t have all the answers either.




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  1. The potential, challenges, and obstacles currently littering the public education landscape are discussed in the novel, The Twilight’s Last Gleaming On Public Education, a portion of which may be viewed online by contacting the publisher at, clicking on their Bookstore link, then Searching by title. This intriguing, socially relevant, and enlightening story, which possesses many of the elements commonly found in just about every school system throughout the United States, is designed to leave the reader with a sense of time well invested in the reading of this book. Check it out for yourself. The author solicits comments for consideration in future editions of the continuing story. Your comments are right on target. It is a shame that school administrators too frequently are more concerned with enhancing their personal political careers than implementing sound principles of education for the benefit of the children entrusted to their care. Navigating the plot to a well-conceived and logical conclusion, the author includes several unexpected twists that should maintain the readers interest throughout. It is high time teachers were treated more like professional educators, and less like clerks hired to do the bidding of politically oriented administrators. Help spread the word.

    Comment by edbooked — Monday, June 23, 2008 @ 4:12 pm

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